Critical Knowledge offers a wide range of Virtual Sessions. Below are all the classes in our virtual session class catalog. To reserve a seat at a session, please visit our Virtual Sessions Calendar for upcoming events.

ALS-BLS Interface

Join our dynamic paramedic instructors for the go-to program for departments operating (or intercepting) at the ALS-BLS level. Learn about specialized teamwork requirements, drug regulations, IV/IO placement, surgical cricothyrotomy and more!

Blood-Borne Pathogens

Learn how to keep yourself and others safe from Hepatitis B, Hepatitis B and Human Immunodeficiency Virus while providing care. Program meets annual OSHA requirements for BBP for Healthcare Providers.


Assess & manage respiratory emergencies in the virtual classroom. Earn two (2) Massachusetts OEMS-approved Local (or Individual) CEUs @ E/A/P levels.

Check & Inject Epinephrine

Perfect for first-timers or experienced clinicians, this virtual class reviews safety procedures, pharmacology, and the check and inject processes that keep patients and providers safe.

Emergency CPAP

How does CPAP help during a respiratory emergency? How young is too young for emergency CPAP? What effect would CPAP have on a patient with hypotension or a pneumothorax?

Entry Notification & Medical Control

Join us for a fun, interactive hour as we build upon our entry notification (“CMED”) skills and learn about best practices for communicating with Medical Control physicians.


Learn about the last-ditch, life-saving value of glucagon when treating diabetic emergencies. Find out who’s eligible and who should NEVER receive glucagon in the field!

Heat & Cold Emergencies

Join us in the virtual classroom to learn about the body’s incredible mechanisms for thermoregulation and what to do when something goes wrong!

MOLST & Comfort Care DNR

When is a MOLST not a DNR? Is a husband or wife automatically the patient’s Healthcare Proxy? Discover how to manage some of the most stressful situations in EMS before they happen to you on duty!

Refusals of Care

Ever wish you knew more ways to “bullet proof” your refusals? Does a “lift assist” require a PCR and refusal form? Who is an emancipated minor?

Selective Spinal Assessment & Glucometry

Learn more about who’s eligible to be “cleared” via Massachusetts special spinal assessment rules and review the “who” and “how” of glucometry.

Sepsis Emergencies

Learn more about a leading killer of adults and children in the U.S. and why EMS is in an excellent position to influence sepsis outcomes. Review pathophysiology, sepsis alerts and OEMS sepsis protocol(s).

Special Needs Emergencies

Review OEMS protocols for managing compromised tracheostomy tubes at the ALS and BLS levels and discover how CSF shunts function.

Strangulation Assault / Police Consultant

Strangulation injuries can kill or cause severe damage even months after an assault. Thoughtful assessment and a high index of suspicion have never been more important. Join a Major Cases detective / paramedic for this fascinating program.

Statewide Treatment Protocols Review

Join us for a robust review of current Massachusetts EMS protocols at all levels.