Occupational Emergency Response

Every Workplace has Emergencies.
Is Your Workplace Prepared?

Our educators use small classes, real-time drills, and one-on-one feedback to develop the skills and natural leadership of your team members. Contact us for more information about emergency preparedness and assistance with the internal emergency protection program at your workplace!

Nothing fosters teamwork and preparedness like CPR/ AED and First Aid group training! Emergency preparedness can help make your workplace a safer place for everyone.

Medical Response Team

Every workplace has emergencies.

They're called emergencies because no one expects them. When a co-worker's heart suddenly stops beating, his probability of survival will decline about 10% for every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation. Often, survival is a matter of what one employee can do for another very quickly.

We can help build your Medical Response Team and...

  • Set up First Responder, CPR, and AED Programs

  • Design Medical Response Plans and Standard Operating Procedures

  • Set up emergency communications system

  • Execute real-time drills in your workplace

  • Train laypersons for medical emergencies and injuries in the workplace

Emergency Response Team

Get the Training!

When a spill or release threatens your people (or productivity), it pays to have a well-trained chemical spill team on hand. Teams are designed and trained to your specifications, including: HazMat identification, spill containment, personnel evacuation, and incident mitigation.

Our ERT educators and consultants can:

  • Help build your Hazardous Spill Response Team

  • Build and update your SOP's

  • Create real-time drills at your workplace

  • Set up communication plans and systems

  • Design and implement an ongoing training plan for your team

“This was the best CPR & AED class we’ve offered to employees… hands-on, fun, and fast.”  
- R.M., Director and First Responder


“Today’s emergency training was intense and engaging! Time well spent. Thank you for a great afternoon.”
- K.R., Manufacturing Supervisor